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Zinc Chloride

Petroleum Industry:
Zinc chloride is as flocculating agent in kill fluid that is added to reduce harm to the oil being extracted.

Dye Industry:
It acts as the stabilizing agent of fast color slat of azoic dyes, it is also used for the production of reactive dyes, cationic dyes.

Rubber Industry:
Zinc chloride acts as an auxiliary material in vulcanization accelerators.

Printing and Dyeing Industry:
It works as the mordant, the mercerizing agent, and the weighting agent in printing dyes.

Electroplating Industry:
It works as the zinc ion addictive of ammonium salt zinc-plating.

Metallurgical Industry:
It is used in the production of aluminum alloy and metal surface treatments. Zinc chloride removes rust during welding processes. Coal preparation plants often use zinc compounds to do float and sink tests.

Battery Industry:
Batteries require an electrolyte paste in dry-cell batteries and zinc chloride is used to make this paste. Zinc-manganese batteries or zinc-carbon batteries as they are called, are very common and are suitable for daily use.